Wooden Grocery Set & Scanner Set

16 piece wooden grocery set Personalised


Kids can set up their own supermarket sweep with this Groceries Set & Scanner. The set includes grocery props such as butter, spaghetti, chocolate and cereal as well as a wooden scanner and shopping basket to inspire realistic store role playing.


It's a set that will help to develop counting and language, as siblings or friends pretend to shop. Little ones will love to play shop keeper, using the scanner to read the barcode stickers, just like they will have seen in a proper grocery store.


*Encourages creative interactive play
*Colourful design helps develop colour recognition and stimulates imagination
*Made from sustainable rubberwood
*Safe toy decorated with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards 

Wooden Grocery Set & Scanner Set

  • Shopping Basket size: W:90mm D:135mm H:153mm
    Age: 2 Years +


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